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We’re amazed by the work of the Lord as we are witnessing MIRACLES! Friday, after our with the SD Workforce Partnership training, we all experienced a wonderful turn of events begin to unfold before us, which left us tearful and overcome with Joy.

A young man named Bobby was at the career center looking to find employment assistance when he overheard the vision and plans for our organizations tocome together in order to form a partnership that will help the homeless of San Diego find resources for employment, shelter, housing and recovery. Bobby approached us and said that when he began to overhear the vision of SD Dream Center & SD Workforce he sat down and began to listen intently. After the meeting he couldn’t wait to speak with us to let us know that what he heard was desperately needed here in San Diego and he wanted to wish us success with our venture. After a few minutes of speaking with Bobby, he began to open up and explain to us how after being a successful video and cinematographer in Los Angeles he had fallen into a downward spiral of the drug and party scene. Subsequently, he lost everything so he decided to return home to San Diego to start over and try to rebuild his life. However, after arriving here his father had passed away and filled with grief he became even more depressed and found himself lost and not being able to find a job just added to his disparity that led him to become homeless, after a few months of being in the streets, he began to pray and asked God for help and boy did his prayers get answered! He found so much more than what he was expecting when he simply came in just to fill out paperwork. Immediately a plan was implemented, where both the San Diego Dream Center and SD Workforce staff did exactly what we had been speaking about in our meeting and within 20 minutes Leilani Almazan SDDC Recourse Coordinator jumped into action and Bobbie was on his way to a 1 year rehabilitation and recovery program. SD Workforce staff made a commitment to Bobbie that once he successfully completed the program the entire staff at San Diego Metro Region Career Center would be waiting for him to assist him with obtaining employment. The excitement and joy that filled that office was so overwhelming, that we were all overcome with such a sense of WOW! And yes that just happened, a “MIRACLE”!

Maxine Suka, Program Manager for the San Diego Metro Region Career Center said, “What an amazing partnership we have just started”! We have all been touched by Bob’s story! The work that we all do impacts the lives of one person at a time…we have witnessed it with Bob today at the center. He is committed to make a difference in his life and we all, as partners, will see him through it.”


Bobby (center with his application on hand), Leilani Hugo Alamazan (far left), Maxine Suka, Program Manager SD Workforce (left of Bobby) and Pastor James Merino (far right)



In 2009 I found myself in a very destructive relationship. It sort of creeped up on me over the years. What was once ” insensitivity” on his part, was now blatant physical and emotional abuse. My constant thought was, I must leave! But where? Like many women, I was economically trapped. With the help of a national hot-line, I was able to find a safe place to go. That place led me to another place and then to the YWCA of San Diego. It was at the Y that I met Pastors Dan and Cathy Duncan, they were running the Dream Center Ministry in the auditorium of the YWCA. When I came to the Dream Center, I was extremely withdrawn. Nearly all my passion for life had been drained by my previous partner. Yet I was very grateful to be where I was. I felt an inner peace and security at the Y and the Dream Center. Dan and Cathy are both exceptionally loving people, and their love was just what I needed

Another thing I also needed was to get over myself! Here I was in a nice place, with a case manager, a counselor, wonderful pastors, all types of support from caring people; and yet what was I giving?! So I decided I needed to show appreciation for my new life by helping someone else. I went out on an event called “Adopt-A-Block” and “Church On The Street” with the Dream Center. This is where you minister to the homeless on the street in San Diego. I knew this ministry would likely include women like myself. Women that I could relate to, who were also forced to choose between financial security and emotional well being.

These women also had spiritual needs. Needs that had long been buried but still there, just under the surface. Needs the Dream Center wanted to attend to. So besides food, water and shelter referrals, the Dream Center also offered prayer, fellowship, encouragement, guidance, a listening ear and a sense of value. WOW! A sense of value! You are worthy! A true daughter of the king! Just what the soul needed!

Because of my time spent with these women and the Dream Center, I was learning to come out of my shell. I even started teaching Bible lessons at a local group home, another Dream Center Ministry. I had gone from being a timid recluse to a happy, outgoing social butterfly. I had significantly changed for the better.

My message to donors is please give and generously. This is a worthy cause. The goal of the Dream Center is “to help people reach their God given potential.”  The positive ripple effects from achieving this goal is endless.

My message to any woman who finds herself in a similar situation to mine is; YOU DESERVE BETTER! God’s plan is for you to prosper and do well! (Psalms 3:1). Take a step of faith and let the Dream Center help you be the woman God meant for you to be. A princess in the Kings court forever!!


Jacqueline Thurman (left)